Written, Directed and Produced by Gemma Paul 

Underland, is the first short film to come from Award-Winning Writer/Director Gemma Paul. It is a modern, dark re-imaging of Alice in Wonderland. ​

This short has a small festival run where it won a few awards before going onto several distribution platforms, including Amazon Prime. 

"It's a lovely slice of madness which oozes art from every frame and made me want to rush out and buy a nice vintage lampshade for the office.

What it does expertly is to hint at a much wider world beyond the short - the way it dives straight into the discreet double abduction, the pomp and ceremony of the build up, even the Camden Town cyberpunk hat. Excellent stuff."

- 13Horror.com

"Stunning short, the cinematography was superb, had everything a good horror short needs."

- Tony Newton

I could see thing happening as the aftermath of an after hours party in LA. Great concept. Impressive for a first-time filmmaker."

- Olympus Film Festival